BeW - Progettazioni e costruzioni elettromeccaniche

Our aims consist in maximizing clients’ productivity, minimizing their maintenance costs and looking after their machinery. In this perspective, we can offer the following services:

  • Spares and servicing: at reasonable prices, we readily provide technical assistance and spare parts for machinery produced by us or by leading construction companies;
  • Upgrade/Revamping: we are able to study and carry out modifications and improvements on any kind of existing equipment - even when the latter was not made in our factory, in order to boost clients’ productivity as well as increase residual life of machinery;
  • Reconditioning of used machinery: besides a good range of used machinery, our workshops are available for servicing, overhauling and reconditioning jobs, with a view to guarantee optimum functionality;
  • In-the-field consultancy and guidance: our personnel is highly qualified to suggest any type of solution for:
    • training of clients’ operational staff
    • layout implementation concerning new equipment and plants
    • study, organization and reorganization of production
    • customer support as far as maintenance or production problems are concerned.

For further information and specific inquiries, please write to